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The Inner Circle Membership Enrollment is OPEN! CLOSING 2/21.  Join now.
AKA the "MAKEITasaDogTrainer Inner Circle"
the Ultimate Collection of Marketing Training for Dog Trainers + Personal Help Growing Your Business
Do you struggle with finding answers to some of the some controversial questions dog trainers have?

Things like...
Should I have my prices on my website?
How do I deal with getting a bad review from a nightmare client?
How much should I really be charging?
How can I make more in less time so I don't burn out?
What's the best way to get more referrals?
What's the easiest, cheapest way to get my name out there in a hurry?

Do you ever have a problem you need help with fast?  Or an ongoing problem that's holding you back?

Many dog trainers do, and unfortunately, they continue to struggle. Most dog trainers try these things:

...Keep doing what they are doing, and hope things get better
...Ask other trainers for advice, but don't get results because they are struggling too
...Ask for help on Facebook, but get conflicting advice 

I have to confess, I struggled with all the same problems most other dog trainers do. 

I'm Molly, the Creator of  

And the good news for both of us is that I found answers that I can share with you.
- I learned the best ways to do things by testing on my own successful dog training business over more than 14 years.
- I invested many tens of thousands of dollars on my marketing education. 
- I have tried and tested all kinds of strategies and discovered the best, proven ways of getting more clients. 
- I've coached and have access to other successful trainers and know what works for them, too.

I wanted to make all this information available to other trainers so they can benefit from all the valuable secrets I have learned, saving you all those years, trial and error, and tens of thousands of dollars. 

So I created an amazing library of valuable resources for you in an easy-to-access library. 
What is the MARKETING LIBRARY for Dog Trainers?
- An exclusive website that contains much of the knowledge and experience from years working as a successful dog trainer, and as a marketing expert for dog trainers. All in the form of e-books, cheat sheets, videos, podcasts and audio trainings.

- Valuable discounts for our other courses, workshops and programs.

- Library of past webinars teaching a variety of marketing topics just for dog trainers.

- Tons more!

Are you up-to-date with what's working now?

Have you heard other trainers using some new social media advertising method? Or something else you haven't heard of? 

Join the Marketing Library to stay on top of what's working now so you don't miss out or waste time trying something that doesn't work.

Updated regularly with new Podcast episodes, webinars and answers to the most burning dog training business questions.
Check out what members have experienced...
Marketing isn't something you just do... it's a skill.

All professional dog trainers need this.

Here's What You Get:
Marketing & Business Training
Learn proven strategies & tips in a few minutes a week that will help you get way more clients, 
plus get all your marketing questions answered.

We're not here to just teach you more stuff, we're here to help you get more clients.
the MAKEITasaDogTrainer Member-Only Podcast
Audio trainings that will show you what's working now to help dog trainers make more money, 
save time, and enjoy their businesses. 

Here are just some of the Podcast episodes waiting for you:
"To Have a Demo Dog or Not to Have a Demo Dog?" 
"Managing Client Expectations... What If They're Not Impressed?"
"How to Increase Your 'Customer Lifetime Value'"
"What If They Say You're Too Expensive?"
"Does Facebook Work for Dog Trainers?" 
"Should I Have a Sale?"
"Should I List My Prices On My Website?"
and tons more...
- Comment from Mary, a long-time member
Training books you can download that will show you the best and fastest ways to reach your goals.  

Topics include:
the Libarary of Videos & Webinars
Access to a library of marketing training videos, webinars, resources and more that we have done, in one convenient place for you...  

Webinar workshops & training videos  that show you how to improve things like your website, sales process, programs, SEO and more...
Want More Proof?
We have tons and tons and tons of stories like these.  In fact, you can probably get them yourself by asking around in any dog trainer facebook group about Molly and :)
the Ultimate Collection of Marketing Training for Dog Trainers + Personal Help Growing Your Business
Why Everyone Needs a Coach
A note from Molly:

Dear fellow dog trainer,

You want to make a great living doing something you enjoy, right?  But is the marketing, client attraction and business side sometimes keeping you up at night?

I've been there, too, of course. I've been a dog trainer for 15 years and I worked my butt off in the beginning to learn - not only how to train dogs really well - but how to get my hands on some clients.

I had to go out and find courses, workshops, seminars, books, coaches and programs(that weren't even for dog trainers) to learn about 
- advertising methods
- marketing psychology
- copy writing (how to write my website so people would WANT me instead of another dog trainer nearby)
- designing my services to be appealing
- what to say and not say to a prospect
- how to write emails to inspire dog owners to take action and actually sign up
- how to charge more than everyone else so I could do this full time

These are all part of "marketing" really.  It's not just about getting your name out there.

Wherever you are, I've been where you are.

Many trainers make 6 figures a year.   Most even without a staff or facility to train loads of dogs at a time.

There's no reason why you can't do that, too, if that's what you want to do.

After teaching hundreds of dog trainers in workshops, courses and private coaching - and thousands through my webinars and videos, I've seen a ton of success and a ton of questions and struggles.

This program is our group coaching program, and I've purposely made it accessible to all by keeping it low priced.  Our workshops are usually about $500-2000 and our private coaching programs can cost over $9000.

For a super limited time (during the enrollment period) you get a whole month to try it out before you're charged anything. Imagine how much one great idea will be worth to you... hundreds or thousands of extra income in the coming months.

I had a story like that... one simple idea that made so much sense added $3600 to my income the following week, and thousands upon thousands more from then on.

On the other hand, is it worth saving a few bucks a month to stay where you are?

I can help you with anything – your website content, your sales process, the way you handle clients, diving deeper into anything you might have already learned from me; and helping you get started if you’re just… getting started. :)

The audio training will be on a variety of topics ranging from what’s working now in advertising for dog trainers specifically... to make the most of your time and keeping balance between work and your personal life
...dealing with difficult situation and clients
...what should be in your contract to create and improve your marketing materials and messages like your business cards and your tagline
and tons of other topics we’ve been asked to teach.
Most would only take a few minutes for me to teach in a way that would make a huge difference in your business, and that’s what this will do. Transform your business into what you want it to be.

And of course there is no commitment. You don’t have to stay on for a year or any period of time. You can cancel at any time.

My plan, though, is to make you back so many more times your investment with what you’ll learn that you will keep coming every week listening carefully to every training, eagerly waiting for the next one.

I want to be your coach. If you have any questions for me at all about this program, email me at

I’ll talk to you soon! :)
the Ultimate Collection of Marketing Training for Dog Trainers + Personal Help Growing Your Business
Frequently Asked Questions
"Whats the difference between this and the Marketing System CD set?"
The Marketing System for Dog Trainers is a step by step system that covers specific vital areas of your business. Creating your dog training programs, writing your website content and closing sales.  It is a home study course that you do on your own. The Marketing Club is a perfect supplement, and a perfect alternative until you're ready to dive into the Marketing System course.  It includes personal answers to your questions through coaching calls and website reviews.  It's also a way to stay up to date with what's currently working for dog trainers now... like new advertising methods, as well as  library of answers to all the questions you would ever want answered. 
"What if I want to cancel my membership?"
The members area has a place where you can go in and cancel your membership with just a couple clicks.  It's all automatic.  You don't have to contact us, and it stops future monthly payments immediately.  Cancel at absolutely any time.
"I'm really new to my own dog training business.  Will this help me?"
Yes, for sure. The training videos and Podcasts will be very helpful answering all the big questions you have and helping you avoid a lot of obstacles many trainers face in their first year or two, and beyond. The personal coaching during our Live Q&A every month will be very valuable to you, since you can the specific help you personally need.
"I already have done one of your courses and workshops and my business is thriving now, do I need this too?"
Yes. With this membership we can give you all the newest marketing and advertising strategies that work now. You will also be able to streamline and tweak things that will get you even more success. There is also a lot of Podcast episodes on topics that were not covered in our other courses.
"How do I get access to my membership content?"
After you join, you'll get immediate access to a page where you can register and create a password.  Then you can log into the site anytime you want, and everything will be there for you when you're ready for more.  It's very simple and easy.
the Ultimate Collection of Marketing Training for Dog Trainers + Personal Help Growing Your Business

Sandy Stokes says...

"I was so motivated by everything I learned in Molly’s free webinars and videos that I invested in one of her workshops. The investment of my time and finances was worth every penny and every minute spent. I’ve been building a dog training business since 2007. While I got results, good results, my business was limping along. My business was building but, at a painfully slow pace and very rarely was I reaching my ideal client. I also was not pricing my services appropriately. Implementing what I learned from Molly, particularly what I learned in the workshop, I’ve been attracting my ideal client and am generating a fantastic income. Within three weeks of applying my newfound knowledge I signed three contracts worth over $6000. Yes, $6000. I’d been lucky to bring in $1000 in a month. Participating in Molly’s webinars and her workshop is the best thing I’ve ever done for my business."

Bob Maida says...

"All I have to say to those in this business… If you want to up your bottom line real fast… do consider Molly’s programs. You’d be crazy not to. Unlike a seminar… no traveling or related expenses and you can listen to the programs on your computer over and over again. PS I have no financial interest in this nor is Molly a close friend… But when something is a sure thing… I back it 100%. PPS Looks like this year I’ll be able to afford my trip to Italy… Her programs are sure to work. Go for it."
the Ultimate Collection of Marketing Training for Dog Trainers + Personal Help Growing Your Business

Learn about:

- Getting your name out there
- How to attract higher-end clients
- How to make your income more consistent
- SEO (search engine optimization)
- Advertising through social media
- How to deal with difficult clients
- What to include in your contracts
- Google advertising
- What to include in your website
- How to figure out your prices
- How to figure out who your ideal client is
- What to ask your potential clients
- How to format your services & programs
- How to manage your time, focus & get more done

...and tons more, with new training every single month to stay on top of what's working now.

No obligation, no risk, cancel anytime.
  • Monthly Training:
    Members-Only Podcast Episodes ($47 Value)
    Webinar & Video Library ($900+ Value)
    E-Books Library ($200+ Value)
    The "Profit Pack" private Facebook Group (Priceless!)
  • Monthly Coaching & Personal Help:
    Members-Only Live Marketing Mastery Q&A Webinars ($97 Value)
    Members Only Website Reviews  ($147 value)
  • TOTAL VALUE: $1391+ per month (not even including the "priceless" stuff)
    All for $37/month
  • What you need to learn how to market your business, all in one place.
    the Ultimate Collection of Marketing Training for Dog Trainers + Personal Help Growing Your Business

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