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in other words, how to get clients who listen more, pay you more and use up less of your time.
Hey! I'm Molly, a dog trainer and long time marketing junkie. And pizza junkie. Peanut butter, too.

And here's the thing... wherever you are in your dog training business now, I've been there already. I sooooo much wish I had someone back then to tell me what mistakes to avoid.

And how to get my business thriving the fastest possible way.

I did get some good advice in the beginning, though... and that led me to a very successful dog training business - on my own, out of my house.  Then I struggled when the economy fell apart, couldn't even buy a new blender without a lot of debate.  I had to go back to the drawing board and figure out why things weren't working anymore.

And I did.  I thought I knew enough before that, but marketing a business is a skill.  Just like training dogs.

Fast forward several years...

I've had the great joy of becoming the shortcut for thousands of my fellow dog trainers... 

These days I thrive on their gratitude and success.  You make my days. xo
Over the 14+ years of obsessive marketing study and many tens of thousands of dollars spent on courses, coaches, programs, seminars, books...

and having 3 kids and moving to Hawaii and then to Australia... 

Now you don't have to do all that (although I do kind of recommend the Hawaii and Australia parts...), because you're here now.

Whether you want to learn it all, or you want someone to hold your hand and walk you through it all, I can't wait to help you make it as a dog trainer.

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"3 Mistakes (that even smart dog trainers make!) That Keep Them from Ever Making Enough Money"
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